The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

Book Cover, the code of the extraordinary mind, by Vishen Lakhiani

What if you questioned everything you know and threw out all the pieces that hold you back? With The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, you can.

Learn to think like the greatest creative minds of our era—to question, challenge, and create new rules for your ideas of love, education, spirituality, work, happiness, and meaning. The Code of the Extraordinary Mind is a blueprint for retraining our minds to hack everything—how we work, love, parent, and heal—and learn to succeed on our own terms.

No matter where you’re starting from, you can build a life that’s truly extraordinary and make a dent in the universe. In this book, you will learn to bend reality, question the brules, transcend the culturescape, embrace your quest, practice consciousness engineering, live in blissipline, and push humanity forward. You will question your limits and realize that there are none. Your understanding of the world around you and your place in it will change, and you will find yourself operating at a new, extraordinary level in every way—with happiness, purpose, fulfillment, and love.


People either love or hate this book. Me too.

There is really, a lot not to like in Code of the Extraordinary Mind. The name-dropping, the volumetric self-promotion, the making up words like blissipline. Or,  MissiZen. ( the Zen of Missing people’s eye-rolls.) Look, I made up a word!

Get this book from the library, and skip most of it. Trigger Warning: If you are un-employed, his slacking off at Microsoft till they fired him might make you stabby.

And yet..there are a few things in the beginning that I found to be really valuable. I went back and re-read those strong and useful chapters.

The information that I really needed, concerned realizing how much of the time people (me, maybe you ?) run on autopilot, and how much old repeated ‘rules’ that maybe once made sense for someone, no longer work for you, now, or in the future.

Vishen Lakhiani speaks about how since you’ve been marinating in the ‘culturescape’, a.k.a. society, forever, it becomes difficult for you to see it, evaluate it’s limiting nature, and free yourself from it. He calls this “beliefs that do not serve.”

Sort of like how a fish doesn’t really notice or see the water it’s in.

The Author talks about looking at your brain a bit like a gadget, that you can ditch old software and upload and upgrade to more useful knowledge.

Confession: I kinda like rules. I’m good at identifying them, especially unspoken ones, and coloring within the lines. It might be time to reconsider a few things.

So, skim this book for what’s actionable for you, there will be something, and just let the other parts fade away.

Vishen Lakhiani of mind valley



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