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My mission is to get you the information you need to write a book.

Can you teach yourself to write a book, by reading the right books? Yes!

Start with the ‘How to Write’ section, up in the Menu bar.  These books are painstakingly curated from the eleventy billion ‘learn to write’ books available today, personally selected and reviewed. Just hover over ‘How to Write’ in the Menu Bar to display a drop-down menu with categories, and then selections on the right.  This will be an ever-growing area, focused on the best and most salient education you can get, written by famous authors, industry insiders and a few wildcards. Think of these authors as your private tutors, mentors, or friends. They wrote these books, to help: You. Find the books that suit you, a build a library of 10, 20 books that will eventually change your life.

Note: It will not be enough to read, you’ll have to write. A lot. All the time. This stuff won’t passively just seep in, you have to actually do it. Get yourself stuck, work through it, repeat.

Once you have a solid working knowledge of writing, blend in some ‘How to Human’ books. ‘Writing’  isn’t enough, you’ll have to understand how people pay attention, make decisions, and bond with your work. Hover to display a drop-down menu with categories.“I love this book” is not about rules or formulas, it is about a deep human connection. You’ll figure out how to turn a what could essentially be a monologue, into a de facto dialogue.  Hover “How to Human’ to display a drop-down menu with categories.

And, since we live in strange, Strange times, add some ‘How to Meta.’  Learn how to drop old beliefs and habits that no longer serve you. Upgrade to some new ones that will really spark continuous, unlimited growth. See things and people as they really are.

Welcome to the new you.

Welcome to Cultivar, the Invisible College.

Here are the three ‘How to’ menus sections, explained:

A. How to Write

We’re going to start  by reading a huge pile of ‘How to Write’ books, then were going to study humans, what captivates and engages them, how emotions and brains work, and then there is some next level stuff about thinking, consciousness and generalized x-factor in the “How to Meta ” area.

Start with the ‘How to Write’ area of the menu, that will have some categories like, Books by Famous Authors and books by Agents, Editors and others. ( more to come )

B. How to Human

As you become proficient in writing,  your then really want to study the sciences of brain engagement, influence, sweet emotion, gamification, and other things that will allow you to really connect with your reader. Bonus: you’ll be able to detect when these things are being used against you, or at least not in your best interests. ( cough, Facebook) Just studying writing will not fully prepare you for writing a book, you will really have to understand how humans, …human.  In the thinking section, you might realize just how little thinking most people actually do.

C. How to Meta

Lastly –How to Meta: a.k.a. Secret Sauce/ X-factor/ Growth factor.  These will be new and difficult concepts. You will experience a rather painful condition called “cognitive dissidence.” It will be unpleasant, and that’s how you’ll know it’s working, and that you need more of it.